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Welcome to the WCF RIA Services Wiki

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Welcome to WCF RIA Services Wiki!

Sorry for the lack of content on this main page. Pages are being added to the Wiki but at the moment there isn't enough content to worry about organization. If you click the "All Pages" link to the left you will find a listing of all pages on this Wiki.

Here are the rules of the WCF RIA Services Wiki

  1. Make sure you add categories and keywords to any content you add.
    # Do not create new pages that only have a URL to a blog post. Add them to the resources page instead. If you are only adding the URL as a place holder and you are planning to rewrite your blog article into something to put on the Wiki then please note that in the page.
  2. From now on, please feel free to add new posts pointing to outside blog posts Hoc bong du hoc Du hoc Singapore. Please organize the pages as being about the topic, not being about your blog or yourself.

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